28 February 2010

I Just Wanna Sleep, Dawg

So I wasn't planning on posting until this afternoon, but a car horn outside has been constantly honking for a solid two hours now. One of two things has just occurred. 1. Some dude passed out in his car and face-planted right into his car horn. Or 2. A jealous dude just found out his crush is getting it on with some other guy and he his laying down the horn outside her crib in an attempt to ruin the mood for the couple and cock block them entirely. Either way, it is making me pretty angry because I can't get my sleep on. Anyways, the new Vampire Weekend album, Contra, has been getting a lot of spins throughout this early morning. Most notably, the new single "Giving Up The Gun". I am definitely diggin' it. Here's the new video for it which was just released...

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