10 March 2010

The Guide: Getting Your Drink On At Sporting Events

Every guy loves getting his drink on at the stadium. The only problem is drinks are ridiculously overpriced at concessions! Many dudes try to sneak their drink in the game, but the way security has been tightening down at stadiums, it's almost impossible to get a drink in. Others get their drink on before the game, but everyone knows the buzz won't last past the 1st quarter. So you may be asking, "How do you get your drink on for the whole game?" The answer? ....turn what appears to be a regular household item into a flask. If you are not clever enough to create your own, than you can purchase flasks that are well-disguised. If you do plan to make your own, it's gotta be legit. Here is the guide to how to get your drinks into the stadium.

1. The Old "Drink in the Sandal" Trick

What better way to get your drink on as you are sitting on the bleachers in the hot sun then to slip off a sandal and take a nice swig of your home-brew?

2. The "I Can See Clearly Now" Act

No one likes to sit up in the nosebleeds sober! Whip out your binoculars and enjoy your liquid lunch!

3. The "Man, I'm Feelin' Comfortable" Maneuver

Plop the cushion under your booty and you're in business. Just make sure to not stand up and cheer or another dude might jack your drank.

4. The "I'm Getting A Call In, Dude!" Gimmick

You'll probably be the only dude using your phone during the game! Just make sure you don't get your ass whooped for having your cell phone attached to your belt!

5. The "I Hate Sports, I Came With My Man" Ploy (For the Honey Dips who like to get their drink on)

For all the honey dips who like to watch sports, make 'em think you would prefer to read and write instead of watching boring sports. With this notebook, no dude will think you are boring!

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