20 March 2010

The Guide: Getting Your Sleep On

Everybody loves to get a good night's rest. But sometimes, your good night's rest can quickly turn into a long night of tossing and turning. Certain factors can cause you to stay awake all night....

1. Uncomfortable pillow
2. Bed hogger laying next to you
3. Lumpy bed

Whatever your problem may be, here's the guide to insure that you get your sleep on the right way.

If you are having problems with your pillow, it's probably because you don't have a body pillow! The body pillow is probably the single greatest invention of our lifetime. There's nothing better than locking on and putting a chokehold and leg lock on a giant pillow. So here are some different body pillows you can choose from...

You can't go wrong with the classic "Mega Body Pillow"

For all you dog lovers

For the honey dips who can't get enough of Twilight's Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner

Like to straddle stuff? This body pillow is for you

So you say you have a bed hogger you share a bed with? There's only one surefire way to get that person up out your space...

No more sleepovers for your buddy! With this mattress, you can have the whole bed to your self.

When you are struggling with an uncomfortable bed, it usually means it is time to dump it and get a new bed. Here are some suggestions...

With this bed, you can rock yourself to sleep. You'll be sleeping like a baby in no time!

The honey dips will be flockin' to you if you get your sleep on in this bed. You always have a good sleep when you are snuggled next to a fly honey dip.

You can't go wrong with a burger bed with all the fixings!

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