07 March 2010

The Guide: Setting The Mood

Imagine you find yourself alone with this fly honey dip. You are really diggin' her and are wanting to set the mood and make things more intimate. A nice kiss here, maybe a booty squeeze there. But before anything like that can happen, you gotta set the mood! These here are some sure fire ways to get the honey feeling comfortable and in the mood.

1. Baby Making Music: Having a nice compilation of slow jams ready at your disposal is like carrying a loaded weapon... it is very effective. Most guys think one playlist of mood setting music is enough, but that's where they are wrong. The key is to have two playlists ready to go before the honey dip arrives to your crib. Some girls require the nice R&B joints to get in the mood, while others need the slower pop/rock hits. If you aren't sure what songs fall under each category, no worries. Here is a little taste of two of my top-secret, personal compilations of mood setters.

R&B Playlist
Chris Brown - Take You Down

The-Dream - Falsetto

Fabolous - Into You

Lloyd - You

Ginuwine - In Those Jeans

Usher - Nice & Slow

Rock/Pop Playlist
Augustana - Sunday Best

Colbie Caillat - I Never Told You

The Fray - Never Say Never

Iron & Wine - Flightless Bird, American Mouth

Mozella - Hurry Up & Choose

Taylor Swift - Today Was A Fairy Tale

2. Scented Candles: Lighting a few of these bad boys can definitely be effective. They add to the environment and relax the honey dip. The key is finding the right scents. Nothing too strong, but something rememberable. Kayloma Candles is one company that creates their own line of mood setting candles. Some of their scents include "Cashmere & Silk", "Sangria White Peach", "Midnight Vanilla", and "Butt Naked".

3. New McDonald's Commercial: This should be used as a last resort. In case you haven't seen it, the new McDonald's commercial is pretty hot . After watching it, your girl will, no doubt, be 100% in the romantic mood. It's fail-proof!

If that commercial is doing it for her, this one will seal the deal...

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Kyle Burbank said...

i am learning so much!