17 March 2010

March Madness: Me vs. A 6th Grader (Part I)

I've always taken heat for my sports knowledge from friends and family, but at the same time I am confident (overconfident at times) when making sports predictions. This morning, I was filling out an NCAA Tournament bracket with my coworkers and they were hating on my picks. One of the guys said "Damn, son! One of your special ed students could probably make better picks than you!" I took that as a challenge. I went into my classroom and had one of my 6th grade students fill out a bracket. For legal purposes, I will refer to him as G-Money. He is unable to write, so I wrote out all of the teams on notecards and showed him two cards at a time. Slowly but surely he made his picks. I must say, G-Money likes the letter "B" which explains why he ended up picking Baylor and BYU in the championship. I posted both his bracket and mine and I will be scoring both of them as the tournament plays out.  If I lose this, it would be really embarrassing. But I gotta prove to my coworkers, friends, and family that I do indeed know more about sports than middle schoolers. I'm really hoping teams like BYU, Wofford, & Houston don't make huge runs in this tourney. Especially Baylor...if they win it all, G-Money is a genius and I will promote him to 7th grade immediately!

G-Money's Bracket

My Bracket

Please lose, Baylor! I need this badly...

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