01 March 2010

The Showdown I

On April 10th, the biggest basketball showdown in the history of Tucson will take place between Survey Says (Team Burbank) and Friends With Benefits (Team Arizona). This heated rivalry has been going on for months with both sides dishin' out that trash. Who's gonna serve who? Me and my Friends with Benefits of course! But the buildup for the big showdown has reached new heights today as Survey Says sent over a video in an attempt to intimidate the competition. So here is their video in full length. The Friends With Benefits will respond in the upcoming weeks, no doubt.

I know, I know, that video is so sweet! It is amazing! The quality, the sound effects, the camera angels, the slow motion....it's unbelievable. But before you go all crazy and crown Survey Says the champs, you need to take a look at the real standings. Both their team and my team have played games against other teams in preparation for the big showdown. After you peep the standings, judge for yourself who the team to beat is.

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