27 August 2008

Internet Celebrities Part 1

Thanks to internet sites such as youtube, average, run of the mill people can become famous instantly. Many people purposely try to make a funny or stupid video to become famous, but the videos that capture an audience are the ones of people that are just being themselves. Enter Bubb Rubb, a mechanic from Oakland.

A regular guy from the streets, Bubb Rubb became an instant star for his simple, yet ingenious responses to a local television news interview about the controversial whistle tips about 2 years ago. So here's the original clip that aired on a local news station in Oakland...

Bubb Rubb and his sidekick, Lil' Sis, probably agreed to the news interview to boost their street cred. And oh, did it ever! By just being on tv, Bubb Rubb and Lil' Sis were destined to be local legends, but by just tellin' it how it is and making sound effects, they became more than that. What shot Bubb Rubb to instant stardom was his demonstration of the whitsle tips in his black Dodge Stealth. Knowing cameras were on him, Bubb Rubb did not shy away from driving on the wrong side of the street, nearly hitting parked cars, or flying through a stop sign.

In case anyone is wondering, California has now passed a law that bans whistle tips. But for some reason, I wouldn't be surprised if Bubb Rubb and Lil' Sis are still cruising the streets of Oakland with their whistle tips... Woo Wooooooo.

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