19 August 2008

The Reign Man Returns

Shawn Kemp, one of the NBA's most memorable players from the 90's is making his way back to the courts. No, not the legal courts for another paternity test. Shawn Kemp is making his return to the basketball courts... this time in Italy.

In celebration of Shawn Kemp's most recent comeback attempt, I would like to give the Reign Man some face time and acknowledge his most notable past achievements doings.

1. Humiliating Alton Lister

2. Multiple arrests for possession of marijuana.

3. Having 7 illegitimate kids by 6 women. (And still counting)

Making his professional comeback in Italy is a brilliant move. It's safe to say that most of the women in Italy have never heard of Shawn Kemp (or of his potent love nector). But even if he becomes an Italian League legend, Shawn Kemp will never surpass current illegitimate champ, Calvin Murphy.

Calvin Murphy bursted onto the scene in 1970 when he made his NBA debut with the Houston Rockets. He played in Houston for 13 years which resulted in a Texas-sized fan base full of loose, bell bottom wearing, single women. By the end of his career, Calvin Murphy had a whopping 14 children by 9 women.

So at least we know Shawn Kemp will be employed for the next year and will be bringing in a steady paycheck. Paying those child support bills will definitely keep the kiddies happy...

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